Getting Started

Time to Integrate

Our simplest integration is where we recommend most partners to get started. All that is a required is simple authentication and signature and then your users have access to our Web App. We'll handle the rest!

Below we'll walk through the integration however please check out our swagger to get more information about the API

We have a sandbox environment for our partners to do any testing they need prior to moving to production.

To become a partner just drop us a message at

Web App Integration

The Web App integration is designed around to support modern standards of development using a server-side rest service and a client-side templating application.

We have two main variants:

  1. Webapp Light - simplest integration
  2. Webapp - features signed transactions and more control over the user experience. An example implementation is available here

In the following few pages we will guide you through integrating with the Altalix Web App:

Image of Web App Integration